Truck #1, holds over 8 pickup trucks worth of stuff! That’s big!
Truck #1
Now serving our customers!

Truck #1, It’s on the road, allowing us to provide tremendous value for our junk removal customers. Have you ever wondered what your standard pickup truck bed holds? About 2.5 cubic yards. Well, how big is a cubic yard? It’s about the size of a standard washing machine or dryer. This beast has just over a 20 cubic yard capacity. That means this truck can haul off 8 pickup trucks worth of junk in a single shot. That’s value people. We can cut down on return trips, and we have to take less trips to the dump. That saves time, fuel, and wear and tear. That means we save money, savings we pass on to you. This big fella will be painted and branded soon. We’re a professional junk removal service, uniformed, branded, trustworthy, and insured. We have your junk removal solutions.

Pull a 180 on junk, do a JUNK180!